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Professional Development for Special Education

With over 20 years of experience, Julie Riley brings targeted support to educators in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and across Louisiana, striving to enhance the educational outcomes for students with disabilities.
Photo of Julie Riley, head of Riley Educational Consulting. Special Education Professional Development | Empowering Educators in Louisiana.

Professional Development

Empower educators to create learning environments that nurture every student’s potential.

School System Level Mentoring

Build a supportive framework for your teachers and help them excel in their roles.

Collaborative Teacher Coaching

Unlock the potential of students with disabilities through direct, individualized teacher coaching.

Areas of Expertise

Special Education Support at All Levels

Comprehensive support provided from system-wide to classroom-level to ensure that students with disabilities receive the instruction and resources they deserve.

Trauma-Informed Behavior Support

Develop individualized behavior support plans that cater to the unique needs of students with disabilities, including those who have experienced trauma.

Classroom Environment Supports

Establish environments that make classrooms conducive to all learners, promoting an enriching and nurturing educational experience.

Practical Inclusive Practices

Empower educators with practical strategies to foster inclusive classrooms that value diversity and celebrate each student’s unique strengths.

Social Communication Development

Facilitate meaningful connections by guiding educators to foster strong interpersonal skills in students.

Accommodations and Modifications for SWSCD

Develop individualized accommodations and modifications, ensuring that students with significant cognitive disabilities (SWSCD) receive the appropriate support to excel.


Teacher Coaching Experience

“I truly have nothing but positives to share from this experience. I really enjoyed working with Julie and felt very positive and supported from all the feedback she gave me!”

District Team Member Experience
“Not only has Julie been a wealth of information and resources, but she has also assisted our parish in developing, organizing, and executing a plan to support all team members working with students with autism. Julie has played an integral role in initial evaluation of classrooms, presentation of information about effective classroom strategies to classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, and administrators, and generalization of strategies in the classroom.”

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